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One Thousand and One Exotic Nights in Paris

From 27 November 2012 to 28 April 2013

The artistic history of a legendary collection of tales

Almost everyone has read, or at least heard of, the stories contained in the collective work 'One Thousand and One Nights.' For a long time, these stories colored the way in which the Western world saw its Eastern counterpart.

To this day, the stories continue to have a large cultural impact, as demonstrated by a new exhibit presented by the Institut du Monde Arabe, a cultural center in Paris dedicated to Arab culture and art. This exhibit, called 'Les Mille et Une Nuits à l'Institut de Monde Arabe,' brings together more than 350 pieces that retrace the stories told in this renowned literary work.

The pieces displayed in the exhibit include manuscripts, ornaments, clothing, paintings and sculptures that enable visitors to relive these wonderful tales, as told by the famous character Sheherezade.

In addition to the manuscripts and art objects, visitors can also explore a giant map that is part of the exhibit in order to pinpoint the places of origin and influence for the stories. In this way, the exposition reveals how Ali Baba, Aladdin's magic lamp and Sinbad the sailor came to life through a mix of cultures and generations.