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1950s Haute Couture Showcased at the Palais Galliera

From 12 July 2014 to 02 November 2014

From Dior to Balenciaga

Fashionistas in Paris will be thrilled to find out about the current exhibit of the Palais Galliera, the fashion museum of Paris. The exhibit is called 'The 50s,' and it will take visitors back in time to an era when pedal pushers, poodle skirts and sheath dresses reigned supreme.

The 1950s were also the decade that saw the rise of the powerhouse fashion brand Christian Dior. Dior founded his company in 1947, and the look he created came to signify the iconic look of the '50s: the hourglass figure with prominent bust, exaggerated hips and small waist.

Of course, other fashion houses were also able to establish their own looks during this time as well. For example, Balenciaga created its puffed-out barrel line, characterized  while Chanel seduced with sleek, straight ensembles.

For France, the 1950s were especially fruitful, as many of the most well known names of today's haute couture got their start there. These names include the aforementioned Dior, Balenciaga and Chanel as well as Givenchy and Pierre Cardin. The French haute couture industry was the first to venture into the ready-to-wear arena, ensuring that these luxury items would become wildly popular for decades to come.

The exhibit at the Palais Galliera covers the period from 1947 to 1957 and is comprised of roughly 100 fashion pieces and accessories.