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Baroque Underworld exhibition

From 24 February 2015 to 24 May 2015

The “Baroque Underworld” exhibition at the Petit Palais museum : A journey to Italy's underworld during the 16th and 17th century.

From the sixteenth to the mid eighteenth century Rome established a strong presence in the international art scene with the Baroque artistic movement. The main figures and contributors to this movement are Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571–1610) and Annibale Carracci (1560–1609). The Roman Catholic Church had the supreme power at that time, and was in the center of this artistic boom. But while this movement was flourishing, poverty and corruption exploded on the other hand in Italy! For the first time ever this exhibition held at the Petit Palais museum in Paris highlighting this very particular dark side of the Italian underworld in that period after being in 2014 at the Villa Medici in Rome.

From February 24 to May 24, 2015 the “Baroque Underworld” exhibition at the Petit Palais museum is taking you to the dark side of the Italian life style during the 16th and 17th century, a premiere in France, in collaboration with the French Academy in Rome. This exhibition is supported by major international museums including the National Gallery of London, the Louvre and the Palazzo Barberini. During your visit you will be able to examine world class paintings from the Caravaggio school as well as the Bamboccianti one, not only from Italy but from all over Europe. “What they all have in common is an artistic production in which they preferred to depict a naturalistic vision of ordinary life in Rome, rather than a hymn of praise to idealized beauty.” -Petit Palais museum.

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From Tuesday to Sunday: 10 am - 6 pm

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Full-price: 11€

Reduced rate: 8€

The Petit Palais museum is 14 minutes’ walk from Hotel Cambon Paris (click here to get the directions). For more information about this exhibition, click here .