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A Baroque Treasure Is Unearthed

From 22 November 2012 to 25 February 2013

The peculiar style of Johann Georg Pinsel

Until February 25, 2013, the Louvre is paying tribute to a little known 18th-century sculptor who was an innovator in his native land, what is today the Ukraine. This artist is named Johann Georg Pinsel, and his peculiar style has earned him the respect of the elite art community.

Although Pinsel was relatively unknown only a few decades ago, the Louvre is now endeavoring to bring this under-appreciated sculptor to the forefront of the public eye. In this way, the museum hopes to save the artist from obscurity by giving visitors and inhabitants of Paris the chance to discover him for the first time.

What is so extraordinary about Pinsel's style is that it recalls the golden age of German Baroque sculpture while also incorporating distinctive personal touches. The characters embodied by these works of art have refined features and pronounced expressions that help us to understand their emotions. It is this emotional mastery -- expressed through particularly demonstrative gesticulation -- that made Pinsel stand out among his peers in the 18th century.

Furthermore, the rediscovery of the sculptor's talents has culminated in the Pinsel Museum in Lviv, Ukraine being named a UNESCO World Heritage Center, an incredible honor.

Because of this artist's burgeoning importance within the global artistic and cultural sphere, visitors should discover for themselves the thirty Pinsel sculptures being displayed at the Louvre, in the Sully Wing.