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A Dreamy Exhibit at the Musée du Luxembourg

From 09 October 2013 to 26 January 2014

Renaissance artists depict the dream state

The Musée du Luxembourg is presenting an intriguing exhibition on the role that dreams played during the Renaissance art movement of the 15th and 16th centuries. During this exhibit, called 'The Renaissance and the Dream,' paintings and sculptures weave a tale of revery as the likes of Bosch and Greco get put on display.

From fears to wonderment to joy, all the sentiments characterized by the dream state are revealed. Interestingly enough, the artists of this epoch were the first to illustrate dreams in their artwork, and these pioneers are honored in this exhibit.

The exploration of the mind and the subconscious was a particularly salient concept of the Renaissance as questions about the relationship between religion and science came to the forefront. Artists often believed that dreams allowed mortal beings to communicate with the spiritual world.

This belief is reflected throughout 'The Renaissance and the Dream,' which includes works from Dürer, Michelangelo and Veronese. The artistic mastery that they demonstrated allowed the dream state to be beautifully depicted as an essential part of the life.