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A Look Behind the Masks of the Louvre

From 19 June 2014 to 22 September 2014

Masks and masquerades offer plenty of intrigue

The Louvre Museum is dedicating an exhibition to masks and masquerades from June 19 until September 22, 2014. With themes revolving around illusion and disguise, the exhibit is sure to provide plenty of intrigue.

Never shying away from intellectual reflection, the Louvre's 'Masques' exhibit will explore the symbolism behind masks in society and religion. The event has been organized with the cooperation of the museum's antique and modern art collections. Many pieces have been taken out of the reserves specifically for the exhibit, which will take place in the Denon wing.

Roughly 100 works will be on display until September 22. From antique works to the modern masks of the activist group Anonymous, the exhibit reveals the many roles masks have played throughout the centuries. A section of the exhibit is also dedicated to gorgons, the mythical female creatures who possess special powers to enchant. Medusa was a famous gorgon, able to freeze her opponents in their tracks with just one look.

Masks in the arts are also revealed, through the works of Eugene Delacroix and Victor Hugo. As a result, the 'Masques' exhibit shows the many incarnations of this simple object.