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The Abbot Morel Reveals Spirituality in Abstract Art

From 06 December 2012 to 28 February 2013

An artist and a priest

The artist Maurice Morel is more commonly known as the Abbot Morel. This is because, in addition to dedicating his life to art, Morel also dedicated his life to God by serving as a member of the clergy.

Born in 1908, Morel was raised in a small French town, in a family filled with an appreciation of the arts and of religion. Morel inherited both of these traits himself and began to pursue these interests at a young age. After completing middle school, Morel began to pursue training in both art and religious studies. In this way, his transformation into an artist took place in parallel with his development within the clergy.

In 1971, Morel described his need to create art as an extension of his spiritual life. Painting allowed him to mobilize the various forces within himself in a sort of religious meditation that was also necessary to his duties as a priest.

The remarkably unique journey taken by this artist-priest can now be seen at the Galerie Exil. At this art gallery, spectators can discover the bold use of color and furtive brush strokes that made Morel famous. His abstract style demonstrates how figures and colors can tap into a spiritual sensibility that allows one to transcend the physical world.