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Antiquity and the Ancien Régime at Versailles

From 01 October 2012 to 28 February 2013

Ancient treasures in the king's court

The Palace of Versailles has no problem attracting visitors with its historical structures and magnificent gardens. However, from now until the end of February 2013, art lovers will have another reason to visit this emblematic French monument.

This is because the Palace of Versailles has created an exhibition called 'Versailles and Antiquity,' bringing together roughly 50 antiques that were part of its collection during the Ancien Régime. However, this exhibit is more than just a simple presentation of valuable antiques. It also seeks to present the context in which these ancient pieces would have been appreciated during the time when they were housed at Versailles.

The exhibition will therefore evoke that period's interpretation of Antiquity and ancient mythology by presenting about 200 works from French and international collections. These works include sculptures, paintings, designs, engravings, tapestries, furniture and other art objects.

The Palace of Versailles itself was a tribute to the grandiosity and beauty of ancient times, and 'Versailles and Antiquity' allows visitors to see for themselves how the works of art and craftsmanship from the two eras compare.