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Architect Bernard Tschumi and His Bold Designs

From 30 April 2014 to 28 July 2014

A legacy revealed at the Centre Pompidou

From 30 April to 28 July 2014, the very first European retrospective of Bernard Tschumi will run at the Centre Pompidou, the world-renowned modern art museum. This exhibit coincides with the opening of the new Paris Zoo, which opens in April 2014 and was designed by the celebrated architect Tschumi.

The Swiss architect can be recognized through his bold, geometric designs that often incorporate glass or bright colors.

The retrospective will explore 30 of Tschumi's works, who is known for his highly theoretical approach to architecture. The exploration is conducted through more than 350 sketches and models that retrace the architects 30-year career. The Centre Pompidou focuses on Tschumi work as a theoretical architect, a practicing architect and a trend-setting figure — giving visitors a comprehensive perspective on the artist's wide-ranging influence.

From Paris to New York to London, Tschumi has designed buildings and taught around the world, in the most influential global cities. Those in Paris have the chance to experience his legacy at the Centre Pompidou.