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Bohemian Life, Bohemian Art

From 26 September 2012 to 14 January 2013

The Grand Palais explores a mythic counterculture

In an exhibition titled "Bohemias," the Grand Palais reveals the heart and soul behind the mythic concept of the Bohemian lifestyle. More than 180 works will be presented in an effort to show how Bohemian artists saw themselves and how they perceived others who shared their nomadic ways.

For a long time, Bohemians have evoked both fear and admiration due to their rejection of societal norms. Today, although this lifestyle has become slightly more accepted, it is still a source of great curiosity among people in general. Wandering from place to place with no stable income, Bohemian artists live life on their own terms and express this way of life through their artwork.

The "Bohemias" collection will therefore present some well-known figures, such as Leonardo da Vinci and Picasso, as well as Bohemians who are more obscure. The exhibit also explores the relationship between Bohemian artists and other nomadic cultures, like the Romani people. In addition to paintings, the exhibit will present literature, photography and music.