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Canaletto Reveals the City of Venice

From 19 September 2012 to 10 February 2013

The Master of Venetian Cityscapes

For the first time ever, an exhibition is being presented in Paris that is entirely devoted to Antonio Canal's work in Venice. These master paintings have been brought in from museums and collections across the world and are currently being displayed at the Musée Maillol.

Most people know Antonio Canal by his pseudonym, Canaletto. As a major force behind the "veduta" movement, Canaletto is renowned for detailed paintings of cityscapes. The work of this artist helped to develop the veduta style, and this exhibit reveals how this movement evolved over time.

The subject of most of the paintings in this collection is 18th-century Venice in impressively large formats, although the exhibit also includes other pieces like Canaletto's designs and art objects. All of this contributes to the visitor's understanding of Canaletto's oeuvre and its development. In addition, visitors can discover the city of Venice itself through the eyes of the artist.

This presentation at the Musée Maillol, which includes roughly 50 paintings, is the finale of a tour that has taken these paintings through cities such as Rome and London over a period of ten years. The "Canaletto in Venice" exhibit will be displayed in Paris until February 10, 2013.