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Contemporary Latin American Artists at the Forefront

From 19 November 2013 to 06 April 2014

A bold exhibit by the Fondation Cartier

The Fondation Cartier is dedicated to pushing boundaries in the art world through its multimedia exhibitions, and its latest exhibition is yet another example of the organization's dedication to this mission. In an exhibit called 'America Latina, 1960 - 2013,' the Fondation shows how Latin American artists have used photography to document and express their experiences.

Traversing times of great conflict, struggle and poverty, 70 artists have been selected to represent their region through their unique artistic visions. Hailing from 11 different countries, the exhibitors provide a wide range of geographic, historical and psychological perspectives.

For example, Elías Adasme is an artist from Chile who uses naturalistic imagery combined with bold superimposed iconography in order to make social commentary. Colombian artist Johanna Calle, for her part, uses a variety of mixed media to explore literary, architectural and musical themes. Miguel Calderón is a well-known artist and writer from Mexico whose work in photography and video, although deemed crass and provocative by some, has been praised by the art world and famous celebrities.

These represent just a few of the artists currently on display at the Fondation Cartier, thanks to its intriguing exploration of Latin America.