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Discover a 1960s Art Movement from a Unique Perspective

From 15 March 2014 to 05 January 2015

Uncovering art artifacts

Until January 5, 2015, visitors in Paris can head to the Musée en Herbe to discover close to 60 works from realists such as Arman, Cesar, Christo, Deschamps, Hains and Raysse. The names may seem unfamiliar to most, but these artists made huge waves in the world of modern art in the 1960s.

The exhibition at the Musée en Herbe is called 'La Bande a Niki' ('Niki's Gang'), making reference to artist Niki de Saint Phalle, whose work also contributed to this artistic movement. The unique exhibit turns visitors into archeologists from the year 3000. They play this role as they uncover a (fictional) exhibit that is supposed to have taken place in 1970.

They therefore discover works of art as 'found objects' from a bygone civilization. In this way, the Musée en Herbe encourages visitors to formulate theories on the various art pieces from the perspective of someone encountering the art in the far future.

The exhibit will be especially fun for children, who lead the investigation thanks to different games inspired by archeological methods. Through such games, visitors discover not only specific works of the artists but also their artistic visions and their lives.

The Musée en Herbe was created over 30 years ago, established with the mission to make art more accessible to the masses. In a city with some of the most impressive museums in the world, the Musée en Herbe takes a different approach, attempting to make the art world more understandable and therefore less intimidating for visitors of all ages.

The museum achieves this goal by making its exhibits fun and interactive, injecting plenty of humor along the way. As such, those who wish to experience the lighthearted side of art should not hesitate to stop by the Musée en Herbe to check out the 'Bande a Niki' exhibit.