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Eugène Isabey and the Villages of France

From 05 July 2012 to 17 September 2012

The Louvre presents the romantic artist Eugène Isabey

Many visitors to Paris may not know of Eugène Isabey, a famous romantic painter from the 19th century, but now the Louvre is giving them the chance to discover him through an exhibition that has never been seen before. The prolific painter is the son of another famous artist, Jean-Baptiste Isabey, and it is clear that talent runs in the family.

With more than 70 landscapes and paintings, this exhibition, which is entitled "Par les ruelles et par les grèves" ("Through the Lanes and Through the Shores") reveals Normandy and Brittany through the eyes of this important painter.

Isabey introduces visitors to lands filled with jagged rocks and powerful waves as well as typical villages in picturesque regions of France. Those who have not had the chance to visit Normandy or Brittany can feel like they have been there thanks to Isabey's enchanting depictions. For this artist, all of nature is a spectacle, and we are the audience. Isabey also takes special care to present the quaintness of French village life.

At this exhibit, visitors can appreciate Isabey's particular style, in which he combines shadows and sharp edges with surprising usages of color and light.

For those who want to experience the villages of France as depicted by a romantic artist, "Par les ruelles et par les grèves" is being presented by the Louvre until September 17, 2012.