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Félix Vallotton and the Post-Impressionist World

From 02 October 2013 to 20 January 2014

A time for artistic innovation

Félix Vallotton, born is Lausanne in the mid-19th century, is one of the most important artists to be associated with Les Nabis. This group of avant-garde painters made waves during their time thanks to their cutting edge artistic techniques that employed symbolism, Asian iconography and post-Impressionistic techniques.

In addition to being a painter, Vallotton was also a highly talented sculptor and printmaker, greatly contributing to our modern conception of relief printing by woodcut. Having developed his woodcut technique in the 1890s, the artist received much recognition for his innovative ideas.

Starting in October 2013, the Grand Palais will welcome an exhibition on this multifaceted artist, who attempted to express himself through a number of creative mediums. From portraits to nudes to landscapes, Vallotton's paintings and other artwork broached a variety of subjects. Now he is finally being honored with this exhibition, which represents the first Vallotton retrospective in almost 50 years to take place in a national museum in Paris.