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Giotto and His Entourage Push 13th-Century Boundaries

From 18 April 2013 to 15 July 2013

A Pioneer of the Italian Renaissance

The medieval artist Giotto di Bondone, usually referred to just as Giotto, is deemed by many to be one of the pioneers of the Italian Renaissance. Admired by his peers as one of the great artists of the time, Giotto also initiated the departure from the Byzantine art style towards the more realistic depictions that would characterize the Italian Renaissance.

Giotto began his artistic career in Florence before moving on to a large variety of Italian cities, including Milan, Rome, Rimini and Naples. The reputation of the artist grew to such proportions that he often traveled with an entourage of helpers, known as his 'compagni.' Giotto and his compagni traveled together starting in 1290, with his assistants sometimes staying behind in various cities in order to help spread Giotto's vision locally.

The Louvre Museum will pay tribute to this innovative master and his assistants in an exhibit called 'Giotto e compagni.' The exhibit will display thirty pieces across various mediums — including paintings, illustrations and sculptures. The Louvre will not only provide context for these works it will also explain how Giotto's oeuvre became known in 13th-century Italy.