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Life According to Guy Billout

From 25 August 2012 to 22 September 2012

Clever illustrations that strike the eye

The Galerie Petits Papiers, a gallery that specializes in small-format artwork like sketches and drawings, will be presenting a collection centered around the works of the artist Guy Billout until September 22, 2012.

This exhibition, named "Des Equilibres" ("Equilibriums"), depicts a variety of scenes from life and society, tinged with humor and a keen sense of awareness. The collection brings together roughly 60 works created by Billout between 1987 and the present, including drawings, watercolors and airbrush paintings.

Born in 1941, Billout completed his art training in the French city of Beaune. After having used his talents to work in advertising for a few years, Billout decided to move to New York City in 1969 to pursue his artistic dreams. In New York, he quickly found success after being published in New York Magazine. The artist was subsequently published in many major American magazines and began to develop a national and international reputation.

Around 40 years later, the Galerie Petits Papiers is revealing works from the latter portion of Billout's career. The exhibit "Equilibres" is for anyone who appreciates clever depictions of life and sharp uses of color and perspective.