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The Romantic Nudes of Jean-Jacques Henner

From 06 July 2012 to 04 November 2012

Dramatic depictions of the body

Composed of roughly 20 works that have never been seen before, the exhibit "The Representation of the Nude" reveals Jean-Jacques Henner's romantic, emotional depictions of the nude body. Including both paintings and drawings, the exhibit is being presented by the National Museum of Jean-Jacques Henner until November 4, 2012.

Focused exclusively on the work of Henner from 1895 to 1905, "The Representation of the Nude" shows the progression of the artist's attempts to portray the nude body. One of the recurring themes of this work is the startling way in which the pale flesh of Henner's subjects contrasts with the deep darkness of the backgrounds.

Henner chose such dramatic presentations in order to evoke both purity and human suffering. It is this emotional intensity that causes many people to consider Henner to be the last of the great romantic artists.

Most notably, visitors will be able to appreciate three major works from the last years of the painter's career: Atala, Le Lévite d'Éphraïm et sa femme morte and La Vérité.