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How the Renaissance Movement Was Born

From 26 September 2013 to 06 January 2014

A new epoch of art begins

An exhibition at the Louvre Museum called 'The Spring of the Renaissance' retraces the birth of the Renaissance movement in art during the 15th century. The starting point of this new artistic movement — which took place in Florence, Italy — was a vision of man in relation to the universe and to history. This vision also included much more realistic renderings of human forms as painting techniques became more sophisticated.

The Renaissance movement drew a significant amount of inspiration from Antiquity. Going back to a conception of man that was as humanistic as it was Christian, the classic themes of humanity were often used to spark creativity.

Then, behind this creativity, mathematical perspective was also incorporated into art for the first time. This allowed artists to create the impression that subjects and objects in a painting appeared at varying levels of closeness to the spectator. Often taken for granted these days, the idea of artistic perspective was an extraordinary innovation brought to the world by the Renaissance.

In addition to paintings, the exhibit will also reveal sculptures from artists like Donatello and Ghiberti. In total more than 140 works, including both paintings and sculptures, will be put on display during the exhibition 'The Spring of the Renaissance.'