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Laurent Grasso

From 22 May 2012 to 23 September 2012

At the Jeu de Paume, a videographer reveals his surreal world

Until September 23, 2012, a new exhibition by Laurent Grasso, an inventive French videographer, is being presented by the Jeu de Paume. This exhibition, entitled Uraniborg, displays sensational and surreal images that will no doubt challenge the spectator. Those who visit this exhibit will get to take an artistic voyage into the fantastic world of Grasso.

Grasso's works include a number of short films and several paintings that present an interesting artistic vision. As visitors watch the films one by one, each new vision adds a thread to the web of intrigue that has been weaved by the artist.

The experiences that Grasso attempts to create are enriching and perturbing, and every piece is connected to the others. Spectators will therefore want to watch and re-watch certain films as connections among them are revealed.

This is exactly what the artist hopes to do: create an unconventional artistic space that does not conform to the traditional straight path that most exhibitions adopt. Instead, the open space allows visitors to create their own path through the unique exhibit, watching videos in the order they choose and retracing their steps as they go on this journey.