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Optical Illusions in a Hip Underground Space

From 16 November 2013 to 15 December 2013

Le 104 cultural center in Paris

An exhibition at the hip and underground Parisian cultural center Le 104 is promising to take spectators on a magical journey. This is possible thanks to a unique collection of optical illusions that will be temporarily housed by the eclectic space.

The exhibition is called 'Trouble Makers, Sensation Versus Digital,' and it showcases what is known as sensorial art. It provides spectators with the opportunity to interact with the multimedia works of art, challenging the relationship between digital and analog experiences.

For example, when one feels the vibrations of sound coming from a speaker, what kind of experience can this be classified as? Or how can we describe the effect of a digital screen that makes us lose our balance or start seeing things that are not there?

All of this and more is explored in the 'Trouble Makers' exhibition — with works such as Kurt Hentschläger's Zee, a piece that creates a dense fog and bombards spectators with lights and sound. Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza's Standing Wave projects lines of light that turn into fluid and elastic waves, thereby straddling the line between reality and geometric abstraction.

These and six other works can be experienced at Le 104, providing an atmosphere that visitors won't find in a traditional Paris museum.