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Roy Lichtenstein's Comic Book Art Invades the Centre Pompidou

From 03 July 2013 to 04 November 2013

A pop culture icon

Roy Lichtenstein is one of the most recognizable artists in the world. His works can be seen in the most prestigious museums as well as on the fronts of t-shirts. Born in 1923, his pop art has served as inspiration for a myriad of artists who came after him. Now, Lichtenstein is being honored by the Centre Pompidou, Paris's famous modern art museum.

With his biting sense of humor and his unique comic book style, Lichtenstein gained the attention and admiration of many. The artist developed this style in the 1960s, turning such graphic techniques into a high art form.

Straddling the boundary of whimsy and self-deprecation, Lichtenstein embodied the post-modern irony that would come to pervade pop culture. Ironic before his time, the artist's work nonetheless remained accessible to, and appreciated by, the masses.

For this reason, the artist still enjoys incredible popularity, even following his death in 1997. The Centre Pompidou will present a retrospective of more than 130 of Lichtenstein's works, enabling both fans and newcomers to explore the Swinging Sixties through the eyes of a pop culture icon.