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The Beauty of Japanese Culinary Art

From 03 July 2013 to 09 September 2013

Rosanjin Kitaôji's vision of design and cuisine

At the Musée Guimet, a museum dedicated to arts from Asia, an exhibition devoted to Rosanjin Kitaôji will reveal the art of Japanese gastronomy. This exhibition — entitled 'Rosanjin Kitaôji, the Genius of Japanese Cuisine' — was organized as part of the museum's 'Japanese season.'

Rosanjin Kitaôji drew inspiration from Japan's rich culinary culture in order to create a vision combining the high quality of Japanese dishes with the aesthetic elegance of the 'arts de la table,' a French term that describes the art of not only serving food but also decorating the space and conceiving the objects used to serve food.

Therefore, the Musée Guimet invites visitors to discover the ceramic and lacquered pieces, as well as the calligraphic designs, conceived by Rosanjin, who was also a talented chef. In fact, his restaurant, known as the 'Bishoku Club,' or the 'Gourmet Club,' had a mythical reputation in Japan in the 1920s. By installing this restaurant on the second floor of his gallery dedicated to ceramics, Rosanjin highlighted the important relationship between cuisine and design.

Now, the Musée Guimet honors this philosophy themselves by creating an exhibition about this relationship, using the work of Rosanjin to illustrate it.