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The Birdy Kids Share Their Colorful Winged Creations

From 21 September 2013 to 13 October 2013

Lighthearted street art

In the past decade, street art has gone from an underground, defiant movement to a mainstream and appreciated form of expression. In turn, many street artists now see themselves elevated from the status of vandal to admired celebrity.

At the Galerie L'Oeil Ouvert (the Open Eye Gallery), a wide range of art is on display – from contemporary and classic photography to graphic art and engravings. However, this fall, the gallery plans to reveal a special focus on the street art creations of three young and talented artists.

These artists form a collective that hails from the French city of Lyon. They call themselves the Birdy Kids, and they are quickly building their reputation across the country of France and beyond. Although the co-creators founded their group only in 2010, they have already garnered a lot of attention. In fact, the work of the Birdy Kids has already been seen in the ultra-trendy Parisian neighborhood the Marais.

The Birdy Kids are known for their colorful and lighthearted depictions of cartoon birds in unlikely configurations. In addition to street art, these bright and charming feathered characters have also found their way onto t-shirts, hats, desk ornaments, skateboards and other products. In this way, the Birdy Kids bring their artistic vision from the street to the gallery and into their spectators' homes.