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The Charming World of Painter Carl Larsson

From 07 March 2014 to 07 June 2014

Sweden's most beloved painter

The Petit Palais welcomes visitors into the world of Carl Larsson, a Swedish painter from the turn of the 20th century. More than 90 years after his last creation, one of the most well-known painters from Sweden will get his first retrospective in France.

The exhibit will comprise approximately 100 works from Larsson, enabling anyone to discover this artist, who did not receive international renown until long after his death. In Sweden, however, Larsson has always been known and has served as inspiration for countless national artists.

Through this retrospective, entitled 'Carl Larsson, Sweden's Most Beloved Painter,' the Petit Palais allows visitors to see the country of Sweden through the eyes of the talented painter. Specifically, Larsson's series of paintings entitled 'Our House' depicts his family and his home. In this way, the spectator can witness typical Swedish life in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Born in Stockholm in 1853, Carl Larsson grew up very poor, but his artistic talent allowed him to improve his lot in life. He was admitted to the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts at the age of 13, and his life was forever changed from that moment on. The young prodigy was quickly promoted to a higher section within the academy, and upon graduation, he began earning enough money not only for himself but also to send back to his parents.

Larsson's story is therefore one of talent and will — an inspiration for a country and for the artistic world.