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The Turbulent Times of Goya

From 11 October 2013 to 16 March 2014

A painting legend depicts the turmoil of Spain

Francisco de Goya (1746-1828) is one of the most well known artists in the world. As a painter in Spain, he was invited to witness and depict the daily life of Spanish royalty. However, his subjects were also controversial in nature. For example, he was an opponent of the barbaric nature of war, which he expressed in many of his works. It is clear that this talented artist drew inspiration from a number a diverse topics.

At La Pinacothèque, a small museum in the 8th arrondissement with art gallery vibes, a new exhibition will highlight Goya's work related to modernity. This period in 19th-century Spain was a turbulent time, afflicted by war and economic turmoil that created a staggering amount of wealth inequality.

There is therefore an interesting contrast between Goya's life as an official painter of the royal court in Spain and his shock over what was happening in the country. He expressed his shock by using satire and metaphors in his paintings and drawings, some of which the Pinacothèque has gathered for this exhibition, entitled 'Goya and Modernity.'