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Van Gogh's Relationship with Japanese Art

From 03 October 2012 to 17 March 2013

Questioning the originality of Van Gogh's landscapes

The work of world-famous artist Vincent Van Gogh does not need any introduction. However, from October 3, 2012 to March 17, 2013, the Pinacothèque de Paris will be presenting a unique perspective on Van Gogh that both art lovers and newcomers can appreciate.

With an exhibition entitled 'Dreaming of Japan,' the Pinacothèque embarks on a study of Van Gogh's key references, specfically those derivative of Japanese art. In fact, visitors will discover that there are many links between Van Gogh's paintings and those of Japanese artist Utagawa Hiroshige. Hiroshige was a master of the ukiyo-e art form, which can be characterized as the depiction landscapes, allegories and scenes of leisure through woodblock printing techniques.

Roughly forty works, primarily landscapes, are shown in the collection. This exhibit has been designed so as to place Van Gogh's works close to the Hiroshige works that they so closely resemble. In this way, the spectator is forced to question the nature of inspiration and explore the complex relationships that occur between master artists and all of the other artists who have preceded them.

It is not often that an art gallery or museum seeks to challenge a great artist in such a way, and for this reason, visitors to Paris should not miss their chance to witness this iconoclastic presentation of Vincent Van Gogh's works.