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Yves Saint Laurent: Dreams of the Orient

Yves Saint Laurent Dream of th Orient

From 02 October 2018 to 27 January 2019

Japan and Japanese design have been at the forefront of exhibitions and gallery spaces in Paris this year. The Japonisms 2018 series saw many Japanese artists and curators come to the city with a vast range of shows and ideas. This was a great opportunity to see what artists are creating across Japan right now. However, there is another show that has a Japanese flavour of a different kind. 

Yves Saint Laurent: Dreams of the Orient at the Musee Yves Saint Laurent looks at the designer's Eastern designs. Yves Saint Laurent created many garments and costumes over his career that took inspiration from the culture and imagery of Japan, China, Russia and beyond. This exhibition brings some of these pieces back into the limelight – placing them alongside other items of interest and paintings. This is a brilliant way to learn more about the influence of Japan on French fashion. The show continues until the end of January.

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