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Madeleine Church

Madeleine Church

The Madeleine Church was dedicated to Napoleon's great army. Designated a place of worship, the church, completed in 1842, is more like a Greek temple: no bell tower or cross on the outside, but two monumental doors and a forest of Corinthian columns.
Napoleon then decided that a Temple of Glory to his Grande Armée should be built, and Pierre-Alexandre Vignon was thus commissioned to draw up the plans. After razing the remaining efforts from 1790, building started on what was to be a Greek temple. In 1842 it was consecrated as a church.
Just outside the Madeleine, along the east side , you can find every day, except on Monday, a beautiful flower market. Also, a luxurious Art Nouveau loo by the metro at the junction of place and boulevard de la Madeleine. But the greatest appeal of the Place de la Madeleine is the famous "Fauchon"delicatessen shop, in the northeast corner. Besides, down the west side for rich gourmets and window-gazers you'll find the smaller Hédiard's, as well as caviar, truffle and spirit specialists.

How to get there

The Madeleine church and square are walking distance from the hotel in approx 10 minutes

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