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A Street Artist Takes on the Headlines

From 26 September 2013 to 20 October 2013

A Satirical Look at Modern News and Media

At the Galerie W, an inventive Parisian street artist is confronting popular ideas of news and media in an exhibition called 'Les Uns and les Unes.' This title is a play on words related to the French translation of the term 'headline' — 'la une.'

With this goal in mind, the street artist Miss. Tic gets inspiration from magazine covers and newspaper front pages in order to create pieces of contemporary art.

By playing with slogans and headlines, the artist seeks to amuse and sometimes even shock. With these pieces, Miss. Tic is responding to the often aggressive nature of billboards, newsstand advertisements and other forms of publicity. These words and images are absorbed by millions of city dwellers every day, who often do not realize the impact that advertisements and news items have on their state of mind.

However, Miss. Tic is no enemy of the media. On the contrary, the exhibition has been conceived in a tongue-in-cheek manner that remains respectful toward the media industry. With her works blown up in large format, the artist is sure to leave an impact on those who visit the Galerie W this fall.