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Chanel N°5: an Icon, an Exhibition

From 05 May 2013 to 05 June 2013

The fragrance that captured a culture

The Palais de Tokyo is celebrating one of Coco Chanel's greatest accomplishments in an exhibit entitled 'N°5 Culture Chanel.' As part of this exhibit, Chanel's famous perfume, N°5, is explored through works of art, photographs, films and objects. These pieces show both the influence of Chanel on the world as well as the sources of inspiration that guided Chanel's work.

From its chic and sleek bottle to the iconic images that have accompanied it throughout the years, this fragrance is strongly associated with a specific aesthetic that can be analyzed and critiqued through an artistic lens.

In this way, the Palais de Tokyo hopes to reveal the links between the culture of the period and the perfume, as well as the occasional bursts of avant-garde spirit that have come through from time to time.

The timeless and transversal nature of the Chanel N°5 perfume makes this exhibit even richer, allowing spectators to explore different time periods, attitudes and stories. As a result, the exhibit provides a great example of the Palais de Tokyo's mission to organize inventive exhibitions that are off the beaten path.