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The Glass Masterpieces of the Island of Murano

From 27 March 2013 to 28 July 2013

A fragile exhibition

The Musée Maillol, a Parisian art museum established in 1995, will soon be presenting an interesting exhibition on Venetian works of art. However, these works of art are not on canvas; instead, they are made of glass. The name of the exhibition is 'Fragile,' and it is taking place thanks to the contribution of the city of Venice, which is allowing some of its most precious works to be displayed in Paris.

The glass art of Murano represents one of the achievements of the Renaissance that has lasted until present day. Now, the glass masterpieces of this Italian island will be on display for visitors of Paris to see for themselves.

Since the 15th century, the island of Murano has been known for its glass creations. As a result, the most talented glassworkers and art aficionados have visited the island in order to see these impressive glass pieces.

Most notably, the Medicis family frequented Murano in order to enjoy the works created by the local artists. Even well-known artists such as Picasso and Fontana were trained at Murano.

The exhibition 'Fragile' will present the many masterpieces of artists working on the island of Murano, including the works of master glassmakers who dedicated themselves to the decorative arts.

With a reputation that has survived six centuries, the island of Murano has produced some of the most beautiful works of art ever made. The Musée Maillol will be offering visitors an opportunity to discover the glass art of the island this spring and summer.