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The Centre Pompidou Presents the Blues and Reds of an Abstract Artist

From 26 June 2013 to 09 September 2013

Spotlight on Geneviève Asse

This summer, the Centre Pompidou is retracing the steps of a French artist from the Brittany region. This artist, named Geneviève Asse, is especially known for her abstract work using primarily the color blue.

In fact, she is so well known for her use of blue that there is even a shade of blue named after her. Born in the early 20th century, in the city of Vannes, Asse had to overcome many barriers to succeed in portraying her vision of art. From gender barriers to the barriers of working in the abstract, Asse's ambition helped her to break through all of this in order to create a style all her own.

At the Centre Pompidou, 68 paintings — many of them never seen before — will illustrate the personality and the style of this revolutionary artist. In addition to her famous blues, the exhibit will also feature her work with red, with certain paintings reflecting her collaborations with famous figures from other arts like Samuel Beckett and Jorge Luis Borges.

Not content to show just Asse's most well-known abstract canvas paintings, the Centre Pompidou will also present still lifes that the artist occasionally created directly on paper pads. In this way, visitors can discover the diversity of Geneviève Asse's body of work, and her influence on mid-20th-century art.