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The Paris Picasso Museum Reopens in June with 37 Exhibit Rooms

From 01 June 2014 to 01 January 2030

Picasso's legacy lives on in Paris once again

For three years, the Picasso Museum in Paris was closed for renovation. Although Paris is filled with numerous museums and art galleries, the presence of the Picasso Museum has nonetheless been missed these past few years. Now, the wait is over as the museum once again opens its doors in June of 2014.

Those lucky enough to be in Paris at that time will be able to take it the artwork of the master painter and sculptor, spread out over a space of 3,800 square meters. The space represents the largest public collection of Pablo Picasso's work in the world, with over 5,000 of his pieces as well as 150 works that Picasso himself acquired from French artists (like Renoir, C├ęzanne and Matisse) when he was alive.

The Picasso Museum is composed of 34 rooms, all of which were renovated during the several years that the institution was closed. What is truly extraordinary is that the old Picasso Museum took up only three rooms of the building, so its evolution to thirty-four rooms will allow a much larger portion of the museum's collection to be displayed.

In addition to seeing a large part of the cubist's collection, visitors can also observe 150,000 of Picasso's personal documents, which help to illustrate his life. As a result, the museum offers a comprehensive view of Picasso's artistic vision and his personal journey, as he left Spain and lived an exiled existence in France.