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Bastille Quarter & Opera

Bastille Quarter & Opera

The Bastille is a square, where the Bastille prison stood until the 'Storming of the Bastille' and its subsequent physical destruction on 14 July 1789 (Bastille Day) during the French Revolution. The square and its surrounding areas are normally called simply Bastille.
The Colonne de Juillet (July column) which commemorates the events of the July Revolution (1830) stands at the center of the square. Other notable features include the Bastille Opera and a section of the Canal Saint Martin.

The Bastille Opera
In 1983, Carlos Ott's design was chosen amongst 750 other architects for the design of a new opera house, which would be situated in the district of La Bastille. His design was characterised by its respect for the characteristics of the district, an inviting sight for the public by it's glass façade and the use of identical materials inside and outside. The Opera Bastille was designed to make new concepts in scenery and stage decor fit together (the three-dimensional sets that complete or replace the trompe-l'oeil of the baroque and romantic period) and for a new public.

Day and Night Life
The square is often home to concerts and similar events. The north-eastern area of Bastille is busy at night due to many cafés, bars, night clubs, and concert halls.
The most famous bals musette,"The Balajo", rue de Lappe, was founded by Jo de France, who introduced glitter and spectacle into what were then seedy gangster dives, and brought Parisians from the other side of the city to savour the rue de Lappe lowlife.
The rue de Lappe can still be as dodgy a place to be at night as it was in prewar days. The bouncers at clubs like the Chapelle des Lombards, and at Balajo itself, the heavy drug scene and the uneasy mix of local residents have taken the soul away from a street that ten years ago deserved the special affection that Parisians of all sorts gave it. Book a bar for free in Paris around Bastille

How to get there

From hotel Cambon take line 1 at Concorde to Bastille in less than 20 minutes.

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