At the Cambon, we care about the environment and are convinced that it is possible to offer high-quality services while taking an eco-friendly approach. All of our employees share this commitment.

We used local businesses for the renovation work we have just completed.
The insulation has been upgraded. 
The heating and air conditioning are based on an automatic temperature control system..
Our electrical devices use low-voltage and LED power. 
All of our rooms are equipped with an eco-energy card.
The shower pressure is adjusted so that you can enjoy an invigorating jet while avoiding using too much water. 
The complimentary products by OMNISENS with Eco rechargeable pump are provided to our guests in dispensers in order to prevent wastage and cut down on plastic bottle use.
We use non-aggressive cleaning products that are better for our employees’ and guests’ health.
We favour local producers and short supply chains, and recycle all we can.

We make our guests aware of our sustainable development policy, to which all of our employees are committed.