The seven floors of the Cambon Paris have been entirely restructured and renovated, inviting you on a journey through the artistic and literary world of the 19th century. For the hotel reveals itself floor by floor with a tastefully cultivated romantic spirit and delicate colours.

Seven floors, for the seven famous figures who lived on Rue Cambon and went down in history, from France’s Consulate period to the Second Empire. Empress Eugénie, Chateaubriand, Stendhal… they were all an inspiration to us when decorating the rooms and redesigning them to feel like a guest room in a private home, offering only the very best.

Step inside and be carried away by the beauty of the mouldings, the warmth of the oakflooring; run your hand over the furniture’s pure lines, tracing its curves with your hand, and feel the soft light flooding in; open up to a sweet romantic reverie while contemplating the floral motifs and idyllic little country scenes that unfold around you.

Here, there is no desire to show off, just a focus on materials, design, well-being, and know-how that makes each room a restful haven.

A cocoon where each vintage object and each painting from our collection naturally finds its place. Where lamps in the purest of blown glass seem to float in the air, echoing the solar discs which diffuse their precious halo of light with infinite softness when night falls.

A cosy, perfectly soundproofed nest, ideal for a revitalising break, whose atmosphere extends beyond each room into a bright, streamlined bathroom.

A graceful and poetic invitation to unwind.

chambre standard


A room steeped in the spirit of the 19th century, which would surely have won over Pauline de Beaumont, a lady of letters who ran a literary salon on Rue Cambon. For everything about it is sophisticated, the beautiful fabrics combining delightfully with the neo-classical wood panelling.
A snug getaway for time out on business trips or weekends in Paris.

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A delicate and restful room where François René de Chateaubriand would have loved to stay while writing “René”, a novella that had a huge influence on the early Romantic movement. On the walls, the Japanese cherry trees, birds and the River Seine pay tribute to the beauty of Parisian life. Meanwhile, the mouldings and more contemporary furniture make for an intimate space inviting you to let go and unwind.
A perfect pied-à-terre for your business trips or short breaks in our city of lights

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Chambre CLassique Hotel Cambon Paris
Chambre supérieure


Between foreign assignments and trips to Paris, the great writer and diplomat Stendhal would have appreciated the beauty and tranquillity of this elegant room. The fine materials and tasteful details pay tribute to the know-how of the artisans and the fabric and furniture professionals who have breathed new life into the room and created a dialogue between past and present.
Ideal for a business trip or longer break in Paris for couples, or families when booked with an adjoining room.

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The Countess of Castiglione, mistress of Napoleon III, would have instantly fallen in love with this sophisticated room, promising wellness, rest and relaxing moment away from the social whirl of Paris and the grand balls at the Tuileries. Designed in the style of a 19th-century bourgeois residence with its wood panelling and fabric wallpaper inviting you on a romantic stroll, it is also in keeping with its time, combining understated contemporary furniture with beautiful objects and collected paintings.
The rooms on the courtyard side offer some well-earned peace and quiet, and those with a balcony have a stunning view over the rooftops of Paris and the Tuileries Garden.

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chambre deluxe
Junior suite


The Empress Eugénie would have been delighted by this spacious room bathed in soft light, the lounge area with day bed, and the library decorated with objets d’art.
Some of these rooms enjoy a stunning view over the rooftops of Paris and the Tuileries Garden, from their balcony or terrace.
Paris will be at your feet and you will be a privileged guest.
Ideal for celebrating a special event or an unforgettable romantic occasion (honeymoon, etc.).

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